Project Description

Brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain or covering of brain. Like elsewhere in the body, they can be benign or malignant. Brain tumors in common parlance include any tumors in the cranium. With good understanding of the neuroanatomy and with more sophisticated imaging and operating equipments, surgical excision of most brain tumors has very little risk.

The most common primary brain tumors are:
Gliomas (50.4%)
Meningiomas (20.8%)
Pituitary adenomas (15%)
Nerve sheath tumors (8%)

Apart from these there could be brain abcess and tuberculomas of the brain that could look like brain tumors. Pre op imaging with CT and MRI gives a fair idea of the tumor. MR spectroscopy also helps us in diagnosing the tumor nature preoperatively.

Signs and Symptoms
Headache along with vomiting, blurring of vision, weakness of the hands and legs, seizures are some of the commonest symptoms patients present with. However, sometimes they also present with behavioral abnormalities.

Surgery is the gold standard modality. Most of the benign tumors can be excised completely. Malignant tumors may be difficult to excise if they are involving vital areas of the brain. The most important goal for any tumor surgery is to remove the tumor causing no or minimal damage to the normal neural structures. After the surgical excision is performed, based on biopsy adjuvant therapies may be required like chemotherapy and radiotherapy for malignant brain cancers.


” I had persistent headache for about a year. Of late, i started to notice imbalance while walking and so consulted a neurologist. CT scan brain was done and noticed that i had a large non cancerous tumor abou the size of cricket ball in the brain and was advised surgery for the same. I consulted many neurosurgeons and was told that it was a complex tumor and involved significant risk to my life and could develop permanent weakness and damage. So, eventually on advise by friends and relatives, I visited chennai and was directed to meet Dr. Venkateswara prasanna who gave me immense confidence and assured me. Surgery was perfomrmed and te tumor was excised in total and was discharged after 4 days. I am back to my native place and have no problems currently and doing all my work and have no headaches. I sincerely thank Dr. Venkateswara Prasanna and team for saving my life- Mr. Tajuddin, WestBengal, ph- 9903327763 “

50 year old female patient who was suffering from a large sphenoid wing meningioma

Mr. Tajuddin, WestBengal