Project Description

Minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion is similar to traditional lumbar spinal fusion, but it uses smaller incisions and causes less damage to the surrounding tissues during surgery.
It emphasises the fact that the back muscles are most important for providing support to the backbones and cutting them like in open surgery further weakens the back muscles.

In MISS the skin incsions are minimal of about ½ an inch and the space is created by inserting dilators and there by splaying the muscle fibres rather than cutting them and thereby not decreasing the strength of the miuscles like in open surgeries.
The speed of recovery is much faster in MISS and also the post op pain relief is much better.

Conditions Treated using MIS Procedures

  • Herniated disc prolapse- endoscopic / fenestrtion and microdiscectomy
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty- osteoporotic fractures
  • Percutaneous spinal fixation – traumatic wedge compression fractures
  • Percutaneous TLIF for spinal intability.

“My mother is a diabetic and was hardly able to walk for last few months. She had severe back pain and couldn’t stand to cook in the kitchen. She was diagnosed to be suffering from L5 lysis with lithesis and was advised surgery. She was totally scared of surgery and we tried all possible therapies. Eventually when we met Dr. venkat prasanna at Fortis Malar hospital he gave my mother confidence and she underwent the percutaneous TLIF. She had remarkable recovery following surgery and is able to walk and do all activities including working for long hours in the kitchen. Naveen, Chennai. “

Patient 1

Patient 2