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What is pediatric Neurosurgery: Pediatric neurosurgery is a specialty that deals with neurosurgical diseases in children. Neurosurgical problems seen by pediatric neurosurgeons are often quite different from those commonly seen by adult or general neurosurgeons. The unique problems of children are they are born with those deformities or have problems that arise after birth and they cannot describe their problems.

What specific diseases do pediatric neurosurgery include?
Pediatric neurosurgery involves diagnosing, treating, and managing children’s nervous system problems and head and spinal deformities including the following:

  • Head deformities like hydrocephalus and craniostenostosis
  • Spine deformities like ACM and Diastomyelia
  • Problems and injuries of the brain, spine, or nerves
  • Gait abnormalities (spasticity)

Functional Neurosurgery:

Functional neurosurgery involves surgical treatment of diseases which have only physiological abnormality with little or no abnormality anatomically. Examples of conditions treated by functional neurosurgery are treatment for Trigeminal neuralgia, intrathecal pump insertion for spasticity and chronic pain, Spinal cord stimulation for intractable parasthesias and severe neuralgic pain. Other diseases are various epilepsy surgeries, DBS for parkinsons disease, Vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy.


” My brother who was studying in primary school in Nigeria started complaining of headache and later on started to become obese and complained of difficulty in vision. He started complaining of almost complete loss of vision with severe headache when we consulted doctor and evaluated with brain scan and to have a large tumor in his brain causing hydrocephalus. We were advised that he needs emergency shunt surgery to prevent further vision loss. We underwent VP shunt and his vision improved. Regarding his large tumor, we consulted all major hospitals in Nigeria and were told that the surgery was too risky and couldn’t be performed. As I was working in England, I also consulted many doctors and was told that the tumor was large and had a significant risk to his life and the cost of treatment was also very heavy. So, on hearing from friends and other people we reached Chennai. We consulted many hospitals and doctors and were provided with varied picture of high risk and also cost. At last through a contact in Chennai we consulted Dr. Venkateswara Prasanna and he gave us confidence and told us about the need for surgery and gave us confidence that it could be done….”

Patient 1

Patient 2